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Doctor Warns Jeremy Clarkson of “Agonising and Premature Death”

Jeremy Clarkson’s health concern is in the news again and this time, it is a high blood pressure problem that has caused quite a scare. In his latest column on the Sun, Jeremy reveals that he needs to drop his nicotine intake in order to save his life since the scale of the problem is now life-threatening.

A chain smoker that Clarkson was, the 61-year-old presenter quit smoking in 2019 after a stern warning from doctors. The ’40 a day habit’ dropped to zero abruptly. To cope, Clarkson resorted to chewing nicotine gums but they aren’t doing him any good.

Clarkson’s habit of consuming ‘sheet after sheet of full-strength’ nicotine gum has caused his blood pressure to shoot up and the doctor has warned him yet again. Clarkson wrote:

“For most of my adult life, stern-faced doctors warned me that if I didn’t give up smoking, I would suffer from an agonising and premature death.

 So six years ago I bit the bullet and replaced my 40-a-day habit with sheet after sheet of full-strength nicotine gum.

And this week a doctor said it’s causing a worrying rise in my blood pressure and that if I don’t pack it in soon, I will suffer from an agonising and premature death.”

Clarkson has had several health scares in the past, one of them was when he was struck with Pneumonia while holidaying in Mallorca which ‘almost killed’ him. He revealed that the doctors were shocked to see his condition when they asked him to go up and down the stairs. Clarkson jokingly says that quitting the cigarette has caused him to put on weight and become ‘unbelievably fat.’

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