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Jeremy Clarkson Makes Joke At Fellow Grand Tour Host During ITV’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Jeremy Clarkson as we all know, is skilled in multiple different disciplines – primarily, waffling on about cars and secondly, hosting quizzes.

Last night, Jeremy continued his tenure as the presenter of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on ITV where he welcomed a fresh new group of wannabe millionaires.

It wasn’t long before Clarkson was poking fun at his fellow Grand Tour presenters, specifically one Richard Hammond.

It all started with contestant Jen Sherriff’s turn in the hot seat. Jen firstly won the fastest finger first round getting all four of her answers in the correct order in just 3.85 seconds. When in the chair, Jan was equally as quick when delivering her answers in the opening questions too – so much so, even cutting off Jeremy Clarkson before he’d finished reading the questions:

“The man who became King of the Scots in 1306 is known by the name ‘Robert the …’ what?”

The possible answers were A. Bruce, B. Barry, C. Bruno or D. Bernard – but before Clarkson could even finish Jan quickly quipped:

“That is Bruce, final answer.”

Jeremy then retorted saying she was correct again as the crowd applauded her. As the applause quieted down though, Clarkson jived in on Richard Hammond:

“Whizzing through these as fast as Richard Hammond on a mountain road, let’s hope without the inevitable crash at the end.”

Of course Jeremy was referring to a crash that Richard suffered during filming for The Grand Tour in 2017 which resulted in Hammond having to be airlifted to hospital while filming in Switzerland.

Thankfully the presenter made a full recovery and is still in the driving seat of The Grand Tour, which recently began it’s fourth season with ‘Seamen‘.

Jen continued to impress Clarkson and the viewers at home with her quizzing knowledge as she progressed towards the infamous 15th question and £1 million mark.

She got up to the £64,000 question before conceding she did not know the answer, having used up all her lifelines – she took the money and went home with £32,000, the biggest win of the episode.

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