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Jeremy Clarkson On Vegans: “If A Vegan Came To My House I Would Scrape The Potato Off The Top Of A Shepherd’s Pie”

After showing his commitment to British farming, Jeremy Clarkson joined protestors in Oxford today to challenge the recent move from the Oxfordshire County Council to only offer vegan food in meetings and at school lunches.

Speaking to the Oxford Mail, The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm presenter told them:

“If a vegan came to my house I would scrape the potato off the top of a shepherd’s pie and they would have that because it’s good manners.”

He continued to explain that British farming is important and that it’s important that we listen to the farmers of the country:

“The idea that you don’t give people choice doesn’t seem to me to be fair.

“If you say to somebody you can only eat weeds and seeds, that’s being dictatorial.”

People need to have choice, Clarkson says.

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