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Jeremy Clarkson Plays a Wise Man, Eyebrows Raised Everywhere

The Godfather Part 2. Citizen Kane. To Kill a Mockingbird. These are movies that feature some of the strongest acting ever committed to film. You know who’s generally not mentioned with the Al Pacinos and Gregory Pecks? Jeremy Clarkson. I have an example why.

Feat your eyes on this video commissioned by The Sun from way back in 2007. No seriously, watch it, soak it in. To quote WWE’s Chris Jericho, “Drink it in, maaaaaaaaaan!”

Cringe-worthy, wasn’t it? Well despite the quality of, well, pretty much everything associated with that video, there’s actually a pretty interesting story behind it. The film was made back in 2007 but was never released. Starring Jeremy Clarkson, David Blunkett, Lorraine Kelly, Jane Moore and various other personalities, the film was meant to bring a humorous rendition of the nativity story to the masses.

However, then editor of The Sun, Rebekah Brooks, forbade the film from ever seeing the light of day…until now of course. Some say that the piece was shot as part of a fundraiser for the Help for Heroes charity, while others said it was meant to be a video version of the paper’s Christmas card. One source said: “It was shown to about 50 people in the newsroom and everyone was standing round wetting themselves laughing, saying if this gets out the Sun will never survive. Clearly Rebekah took one look at it and agreed.”

Either way, I’m pretty happy that I got to see this, as bad as it was. If anything, seeing Clarkson dressed as a wise man in a crappy play ranting about eco-mentalists is pretty much the stuff laughs are made of. Or tears.

SOURCE | The Guardian

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