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Top Gear’s Best & Worst Celebrity Guests

So we recently reached out to the community on Facebook, asking for a list of best and worst celebrity appearances of Top Gear’s classic interview segment. Some of these celebs were better around the track, others were straight up charismatic, but they’re all particularly noteworthy!

Rowan Atkinson

Ah, Rowan Atkinson. Something about this man makes me deeply uncomfortable. It could very well be his highly understated ability to drive around a track.

In fact, not only can Atkinson play a suave secret agent, and a talking bean, but he also was the (spoiler alert!) fastest celebrity in the reasonably priced car. No doubt Atkinson is a funny and charming man, with a history of talented driving… just don’t leave me alone with him in a locked room, please.

Boris Johnson

As an American, I often can’t tell what’s going on with Boris Johnson and his presence in the UK spotlight. Back in the day, he sat with Clarkson before taking a lap. To my surprise, he received a warm welcome, maybe because of his youthful head of hair?

Jeremy tries to talk discrimination with Boris, specifically regarding bicycles and one-armed people. Johnson, feels the trap closing in… but the outcome may surprise you. If you look closely, you can see the exact moment Clarkson decided to start a farm and buy a tractor.

Patrick Stewart

Two thumbs up for Patrick Stewart. This man names names, goes above and beyond with his car history, and even details some shady Hollywood shenanigans.

Whether it’s captaining a reasonably priced car, or a galaxy-class starship, Stewart knows what’s up. The down-to-earth gentleman has been winning hearts ever since his heavy-petting days in the back of that SS Jaguar.

Whose idea was it to have the guy from Black Eyed Peas drive around the track?

This was one cringe segment, with fingerless gloves, talk of “touchscreen technology devices”, and an overtly bad lap. The BBC didn’t even bother putting the time in the recap clip. Not to mention, didn’t drive manual.

Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz

Say what you will about Tom Cruise, but the man clearly has learned something from doing his own stunts.

Now that we have him out of the way, check out Cameron Diaz! She’s flapping her legs around and getting all touchy in the interview, it’s wild. Not only do these two come off as unreal superhumans, they actually take top spot on the charts twice in one sitting.

Will Smith

Should’ve done his research. Will Smith came on praising Argentina… like an amateur.

The guy’s been somewhat of a meme lately for another infamous interview. We’re not going to lay more on him, but this was seen as one of the most phoned-in celeb appearances. Margot Robbie was chill though.

Anyway guys, what do you think? Do you have a more or less favorite guest in the reasonably priced car? Did you usually skip the segment? Or maybe you’re mad Matt Leblanc wasn’t included (as if)? Drop a comment below!

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