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Jeremy Clarkson Pokes Fun at US Election Process While in Nashville

It’s here! The latest trailer for the next episode of The Grand Tour, this time coming to you from the great city of Nashville, Tennessee. This is the second filming of the show in the good ole’ US of A and we couldn’t be more excited.

Speaking of the U.S.A., if you haven’t seen the trailer, you are in for a typically callous joke from Jeremy Clarkson about our fine country, more specifically our election process and it’s very publicized results.

Jeremy has been quite open about his feeling of amusement over the most recent U.S. presidential election, mostly over Twitter, and it would appear that he is going to be letting everyone know about these feelings again in this week’s episode.  In the trailer Clarkson says, “War hero (Nash), kicked the British out, you got independence and how’s that working out for you?” Classic Clarkson!

In case you missed the past Tweets from Jeremy, check them out below.

Regardless of his opinions, we’re not the only country who has gotten a good jab from Clarkson, even just this year. Either way, it should make for a good laugh, and based on the rest of the season, this episode is sure to be fantastic, even if it is sans cars.

Be sure and check out our coverage of the show over the rest of the week, and after the episode airs as well. And as usual, we will have the best news about your favorite hosts and the auto industry as a whole, the rest of the time!


Source: Digital Spy

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