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Abbie Eaton Reveals Who’s The Fastest Driver: Clarkson, Hammond Or May?

In an interview with DriveTribe where avid viewers sent in their questions to be answered by esteemed driver, Abbie Eaton, she answered the question we all want to know the answer to. Who’s the fastest driver, Clarkson, Hammond, or May?

According to the Eboladrome driving racing driver, it’s Jeremy Clarkson who is the fastest on track!

“It’s gotta be Clarkson. He is quite decisive on track, he’s not scared of going sideways and he just attacks, so Clarkson for me.”

That may come as quite a surprise to some of you who expected it to be James May. Yes, he may be known as Captain Slow, but some of you wondered whether that was just a front to make the show more entertaining. He is the one who owns a Speciale Ferrari after all!

She also answers other questions regarding The Grand Tour and it’s filming, so make sure you watch the full video. Abbie Eaton is certainly a star of the show and we hope she returns for Season 4.

What would you ask Abbie?

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