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New Fast 9 Trailer Highlights The Strong Women Behind The Franchise

The Fast and Furious films have always highlighted just how important each member of the team is. Vin Diesel’s Dom is the driver and muscle, Ludacris’ Tej is the techy, Tyres Gibson’s Roman is there for the one-liners, and so on. But now the women of the franchise are taking the front row as the latest trailer for Fast 9 shows us just how strong and important they are.

Unlike the previous trailers for this film have outlined just how crazy the stunts are going to be, and the number of guns involved, and of course the rocket-strapped Pontiac Fierro, this trailer dives deep into how the franchise has always had its strong female characters. But for Fast 9, the characters are getting even stronger.

“The Fast and Furious franchise is kinda unique,” Jordana Brewster (Mia) tells the camera, talking about how female characters have always been involved in the films. “It really sheds light on the female voice in action movies,” adds Michelle Rodriguez who plays Letty. Letty has always been at the front of the action, with her being Dom’s moral compass and a fighter. But now her and Mia will be getting much more screentime together to show just how badass they can be.

They’ll be joined by other strong women such as Charlize Theron who returns as Cipher,  Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey, and Helen Mirren who I’m very excited to see get behind the wheel of the British Noble supercar.

After the film being postponed several times thanks to COVID-19, we’re excited to finally see it in cinemas when it’s released later this year, June 25th. We’ll finally get to explore the history between Dom and his long-lost brother Jacob, played by John Cena, but maybe more importantly, get some real screentime from the girls.

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