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Jeremy Clarkson Reacts To “P****d Off” Clarkson’s Farm Viewer

Clarkson’s Farm was amazingly popular since the minute it was released onto Amazon Prime Video. Jeremy Clarkson overwhelmed audiences with his passion for his new farm, and co-presenter Kalen Cooper, plus the rest of the Diddly Squat family have now become a beloved part of the show. 

But one viewer took to Twitter to voice their annoyance with one specific part of the show, and Jeremy Clarkson responded. 

They wrote: “@JeremyClarkson watching your farming journey and thoroughly enjoying it, one thing though Jezza, whether it’s on purpose or not SHEEPS is p****g me off.”(sic)

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Alongside the comment they left a number of laughing emojis, assuring us and Jeremy that they’re not being serious about the comment. 

Clarkson then responded to the comment, urging the fan to not take the show quite as seriously:

“I think there are better things for you to be p****d off about,” he remarked.

The original poster then replied: “Fair point, hasn’t stopped me watching it.”

Fortunately for fans, a second season of the show has just been confirmed with Clarkson posting a video to his social sites. 

“Following the success of the first series, I’m delight to say that there will be a second series of Clarkson’s Farm,” Jeremy tells us.

Kaleb interjects from behind the camera: “You mean Kaleb’s Farm?”

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Jeremy continues: “All the team are back, Cheerful Charlie, Lisa, Gerald, and the foetus in a tractor.”

Caleb turns the camera around to point at himself, confirming, “Kaleb’s Farm”.

It’s safe to say, we’re very excited…

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