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Jeremy Clarkson Receives Threats From His Local Council

Jeremy Clarkson has admitted in his most recent column that he received threats from his local council’s binmen after a dispute about what can and what can’t be put in his bins. After explaining that he wanted to admit to a murder, and that he’d placed this fake murdered body in his bins to try to force the council to empty them, he described his confusion.

The Grand Tour Presenter Complains To His Local Binmen

“I have children and a job and, even in lockdown, a life,” he writes in his column for The Sun.

“So I really don’t have time to do a full CSI job on my rubbish just to make life simpler for the people I pay to sort it out.

“And what makes it all worse is that when I square up to the binmen, they come round at the crack of dawn, before I’m up, and fight back with letters and threats and rules.”

He added: “Already, they won’t come up the farm drive to collect my refuse, which means that on a Sunday night, I have to get three wheely bins to the gate which is more than half a mile away.”

Jeremy Clarkson Questions The Logic Behind The Council

“I couldn’t help thinking, ‘In the time it took you to apply the sticker, you could have emptied the damn thing’.”

Clarkson questions what he’s actually supposed to do with the rubbish he collects.

“What am I supposed to do?

“I can’t dump it in an old quarry on the farm because it might cause injury to a family of badgers, and I can’t burn it because of some eco-regulation about the sky.”

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Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm – The Reasoning

Clarkson started his farm around a year ago for his new Amazon Prime Video show, I Bought The Farm. Since then he’s also started a farm shop, named Diddly Squat Farm Shop, but in a column, he explains the real reason behind the farm.

He said:

“If you go to a gym, you pick things up and you put them down and you look at yourself in the mirror and then you go home.

“Whereas if you go and do proper old-fashioned farming, with proper old-fashioned tools, you come home at the end of the day having achieved something.”

Then, he admits the real reason behind the purchase of the farm:

“I’ve always seen my farm as many things,” he admits.

“A place of great beauty, a fun business and, if I’m honest, a good way of passing on wealth to my children without the taxman getting involved.

“I never really saw it as a wellness spa, though. But that’s what it has become.”

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