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Chevrolet Corvette C8: Supercharged Version Is On Its Way With Even More Power

Look, the brand new Chevrolet Corvette C8 is quick, flaming quick – straight out of the factory. This is especially true if your brand spanking new Corvette has the Z51 package installed, with the absolutely massive 495 horsepower engine rocketing the Corvette to 60mph in less than 3 seconds – due to the extra launch traction which is delivered by focussing the cars weight over the rear axle.

But as we all know, as people, we are never happy with what we’ve got – and therefore there are many of you out there who would not be 100% happy with the unbelievable power your new Corvette has as stock. Unlocking more performance has proven a difficult task for tuning firms, mainly due to the enhanced level of security that has been built into GM’s newest E99 ECU (Electronic Control Unit). GM has designed it to be nearly un-hackable, which makes the tuning of the car, especially in regards to turbos and superchargers, very difficult.

However, all is not lost petrol heads – Kanas based supercharger manufacturer ProCharger is coming to the rescue and seem to be making some interesting progress. Recently ProCharger posted on their website that its “staff of engineers and tuners are figuring it out as we speak”, meaning they might be making good headway into tuning this beast. The company is known for its work on centrifugal superchargers, which tend to be more efficient and compact than those which utilise the twin-screw or roots variants.

So what can we expect from ProCharger in terms of added gains for the new C8? Well, on the C7 Corvette, ProCharger managed to add an extra 180 horsepower under the bonnet. If the Kansas based company are able to achieve similar results to the C8, this would mean that owners could be looking at a vehicle which pumps out 675 horsepower… incredible.

ProCharger plans to begin on the latter stages of testing as soon as possible, such as dyno and street tests, most likely at Heartland Park and the Sonoma Raceway.

However, ProCharger is not alone in this endeavour with Hennessey Performance Engineering also having a twin turbocharger kit in the works and an already on the market nitrous injection system for the C8. However, given ProCharger’s reputation within the scene already – we’ll certainly be keeping our eye on what they come up with.

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