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Jeremy Clarkson: Recent Issue Stops Filming Of New Farming Show

Jeremy Clarkson of The Grand Tour and previously Top Gear is hard at work not only planning the future of the famous Amazon car show, but also trying to push forward with his new farming show that takes place on his own land.

Currently known as ‘I Bought The Farm’, this new show follow Jeremy Clarkson as he stores away his car keys in return for a set for the tractor, as he goes about managing and working on his own farm. But filming has come to a stop as the Covid lockdown has lifted and planes are taking to the sky again creating noise.

Jeremy Clarkson writes in his recent column for The Sun:

“One of the nicest things about lockdown was the peace and quiet.

“You could actually hear the birds singing and the breeze rustling in the trees. But not any more, because Biggles is back.

“I am currently filming a TV show on my farm in Oxfordshire and we have to down tools whenever there’s a light aircraft overhead. The noise makes editing impossible.”

This may not sound like such an issue, but it reportedly gets so bad that they have had to abandon filming entirely at times.

“Well, on one day this week this meant we never turned the cameras on at all.

“It’s hard to know what to do. Apparently, it is illegal to buy a surface-to-air missile and shoot them down,” the outspoken television personality quipped.

“What I’d really like to do is find a pilot whose hobby has ruined my afternoon and play very loud thrash metal outside his house all night. To show him how it feels.”

Clarkson looked into fixes for this annoyance, and has come to a very simple (ish) conclusion. They must start using all-electric aircraft.

 “There’s better acceleration too, which shortens take-off times, and when hydrogen fuel cells replace the batteries, that will be improved even more.

“Plus, there’s better safety, because when you fly a near silent electric plane over my house, there’s very little chance I’ll come outside with a shotgun and blow it out of the sky,” he finished.

We’re very excited to learn more about this series which will more than likely be coming to Amazon within the next year (hopefully sooner rather than later after The Grand Tour’s late arrival). The whole farming process will have been filmed from planting the first seeds to selling the produce at his own shop which he opened to the public earlier this year.

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