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Jeremy Clarkson Makes a Hilarious Mistake on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Fans of Top Gear and the Grand Tour know by now that Jeremy Clarkson is often a very well-spoken person. After years of being in front of a camera, that sort of thing is expected.

But fans of the hit show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire got a treat this past week when Clarkson (on a rerun) made a wonderful blunder on the program. Luckily, Clarkson did not give away any correct answers or embarrass himself too badly. The show is being run as part of ITV’s classic programming, showing reruns of shows in the middle of the pandemic.

The problem began with the contestant Laura was stumped on a tennis question involving Roger Federer. The contestant, Laura, wanted to utilize the phone a friend option in hopes of getting some assistance. Clarkson was a little too quick on the draw, and comedy ensues.

Hello. Hi, Ian? Got Laura here, it’s a Jeremy Clarkson…I should’ve said, on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, (I’m) not just a stranger saying I’ve kidnapped Laura. That’s what that sounded like. Anyway, she’s a bit stuck and needs your help.

There is that comedy and charm that car fans have grown to love so much. Clarkson made it through the rest of the phone call with relative ease, though Ian was unable to help on the question. Laura took the money and walked away on that particular game.

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