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Jeremy Clarkson Redefined Motoring Journalism With This Episode Of The Grand Tour

First off, I am not going to give away any spoilers here. So, if you have yet to see Season 2, Episode 7 of The Grand Tour, you are safe to read on. Hopefully, you have seen it, otherwise, what are you doing here?? If you haven’t, here’s the trailer.

In this episode, the Jeremy Clarkson film, “Audi Quattro vs. Lancia” is simply fantastic. It covers the underdog story of how Lancia won the 1983 World Rally Championship in the Lancia 037 Rally car, against the assumed winners Audi. Clarkson uses stock film footage of interviews conducted with the various players, including Walter Röhrl, the famous German race car driver who was the Lancia team captain.

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Röhrl was called, “genius on wheels” by Niki Lauda, and in Italy, he was elected “Rallye driver of the century.” In a November 2000 poll, he was elected, “Rallye driver of the millennium” in France. Additionally, a jury out of 100 worldwide motorsports experts elected him Italy’s “Best Rallye driver ever.”

To me, Jeremy Clarkson’s “Audi Quattro vs. Lancia” film is the finest piece ever by W. Chump & Sons. It is funny, informative, entertaining, and extremely well produced. It represents the best part of what we love about the boys – their willingness to make irreverent, factual, and entertaining films that tell the story like it is, and that do not pander to political correctness. A tip-of-my-hat goes out to the Grand Tour for producing the truly great film, “Audi Quattro vs. Lancia.”

What do you think GTN? What’s your favourite film from The Grand Tour, and do you want the show to return to its motoring journalism routes?

My thanks to “The Larry” for his help with this article.

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  1. Absolutely. This type of nonalcoholic is what attracted me to what was the Top Gear team in the first place. They need to get back to their roots, and do what they are great at.

  2. This is what I’m going to miss most about to new GT format.
    Miss these short history lessons like this and “Ford vs Ferrari” etc

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