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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals His View On Climate Change After “Graphic Demonstration Of Global Warming”

As a heatwave threatens the UK and Europe, with some parts of England reaching over 40 degrees Celcius, Jeremy Clarkson’s opinions on climate change have been discussed a lot as he launches an attack on the media for scaremongering.

Clarkson has, for as long as I remember, been against the idea of climate change. In 2005 the then-Top Gear presenter said:  “The world is warming up” but added that it “isn’t even worthy of a shrug”. A separate time, he said: “I do have a disregard for the environment.

“I think the world can look after itself and we should enjoy it as best we can.”

Retaliation from environmentalists

His views on global warming angered activists on multiple occasions.

After talking to students of Oxford Brookes University, he was hit with a banana cream cake by someone who was angered by his stance. Then again in 2009, Jeremy’s front lawn in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, was covered in manure, accompanied by a banner reading: “This is what you’re landing us in”.

What changed Jeremy Clarkson’s mind on climate change?

During filming for The Grand Tour in 2019, Jeremy changed his mind on climate change when he traveled to Southeast Asia. While driving boats across Vietnam waters, they found that a lot of the water had been almost entirely dried up.

This was causing havoc as it stopped local fishermen and farmers from making a living, pushing Jeremy to write about it in a column at the time:

“The irony is not lost on me.

“A man who hosted a car programme for 30 years, limited to seven miles per hour by global warming.

“It’s the first time that we’ve ever admitted to there being global warming.”

He continued:

“There was no water in the Tonle Sap lake. I mean, it was knee-deep. And you could paddle in it.

“So we had two days of absolute frustration — being towed and grounding. It was alarming, genuinely alarming.”

Despite this change of heart, The Grand Tour presenter still denies that it was the fault of “mankind”.

“We’ll let Greta [Thunberg] do that,” he wrote.

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