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Jeremy Clarkson Joins Celebrity Fight Against Media As Twitter Argument Continues

Jeremy Clarkson has found himself under fire again for shrugging off the heatwave as he holidays in the South of France.

Wildfires are spreading across Europe with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees in the UK. Authorities in France have also reported that over 27,000 acres in the southwest region of Gironde have gone up in flames, causing them to evacuate over 14,000 people. However, whilst on his trip in the South of France, Clarkson has written on Twitter:

“It’s very hot in the south of France but so far as I know, there’s no DefCon 8 level 3 killer death heatwave warning in place.”

“I’ve spent my life working in extreme heat and we survived by having a beer under a tree. Climate change is real. Drink more beer.”

He continued:

“Really hot in France this evening. But I’ve had a beer and all is well.”

The Clarkson’s Farm presenter very quickly received plenty of backlash. However, he is not the only celebrity to come out with similar statements. Coronation Street actor, Daniel Brocklebank, has accused the news outlets of overreacting to the heatwave saying it is “total fear mongering”.

Lord Alan Sugar has also commented about how the heatwave reports have now taken the press away from the ongoing war in Ukraine. He posted to Twitter:

“The news on all TV channels is all about the heatwave. Emergency proccedures and hints that people should not go into work (as if they need no promting) It seems death of children in Ukraine has taken second place. [sic]”

Laura Tobin, weather presenter for Good Morning Britain, has stated that reporting on the extreme weather has saved thousands of lives. She explained:

“People being able to plan-Care homes and pre schools getting air conditioning units, people not travelling on trains/tubes and people staying inside so they don’t overheat-yes 1000s of lives have been saved!”

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