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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May Answer ‘Who’s Most Likely’

With The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen merely a week away (Friday 13th, just so y’know) it’s hardly a surprise that they’re doing the rounds and showing up on as many YouTube channels and websites as possible. Promo is going mad, and here’s the latest.

On the YouTube channel, It’s Gone Viral, The Grand Tour trio answer a number of questions beginning with ”who’s most likely’.  For example, who’s more likely to be a pain whilst travelling? Or, who’s more likely to pack something stupid?

Seriously, there are some hilarious answers in here involving flying with dildos to James May’s toilet habits. Jeremy Clarkson even lets us in on the fact that his girlfriend, Lisa Hogan, talks in an Indian accent while ordering a curry just so it’s easier for the curry restaurant to understand her. Clarkson thinks this is pure racism, but she has a point!

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With each of them answering the questions separately, it’s hilarious to watch them come up with opposing answers, only highlighting the excellent chemistry that we love to watch on-screen.

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