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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May Assist Your Navigation

You wake up with them courtesy of the Amazon Echo  and you will soon be watching them again on your television with Amazon Prime. What else could you possibly need? Is there such a thing as too much The Grand Tour or Hammond, Clarkson, and May? We don’t think so, and apparently, neither does Amazon on the navigation company Waze.

 Waze, the navigation app for your smartphone which in the past has featured the likes of comedian mega-star Kevin Hart and eternal movie badass Arnold Schwarzenegger, now features the wonderful voices of your favorite British trio. That’s right everyone, now Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May can navigate you through the highways and byways. Posted on The Grand Tour’s Twitter feed this morning, the newest Waze voice feature was announced in typical Grand Tour fashion.

This latest marketing strategy adds to the media blitz Amazon has been unloading for some time now. Commercials, media circuit tours, show trailers, tweets, and more, along with other more guerilla style marketing attempts much like this or the previously mentioned Echo alarm have all been a part of Amazon’s creative toolkit. Amazon is obviously betting big on The Grand Tour’s success and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more interesting marketing ploys surface in the next few days.

While no official launch date for the new Waze feature has been announced, it can be reasonably presumed that it will coincide in line with the official launch of The Grand Tour later this week, November 18th.

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Nick Dunlap

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