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Jeremy Clarkson Kicked Off Flight at German Airport

It would seem that the controversy surrounding the Top Gear Patagonia Special still isn’t over. In what was supposed to be an otherwise normal flight back to the UK with co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May, a check-in agent by the name of Manuel Pereira who was, unbeknownst to them, an Argentinian with an apparent grudge to hold against Clarkson, refused to let him aboard.

Go figure.

Credit: Dan Charity

The crew’s security attempted to get the team onto the plane and instead delivered the news that Pereira was refusing to let them board.

Clarkson asked the man ” What’s the problem?” to which Pereira replied “You’ve missed it”, referring to the boarding call, and when asked again to let them board, he then replied, “I’m from Argentina, so f*** you.”

Pereira then reported Clarkson to the Stuttgart, Germany police as Jeremy Clarkson ranted “F*** you!”.

Credit: Splash News

In further response, Jeremy said, ” He’s a stupid, bitter and twisted little man.” before vowing revenge on the “ignorant little worm” who was responsible for Clarkson’s delay in returning home.  Jeremy went on further to demand that Pereira be arrested and said ” The police said it was a hate crime and he would be arrested. Yes, even the Germans were 100 percent on our side- for once.”

Meanwhile, Hammond and May, in traditional Top Gear fashion, boarded the plane anyways, and made their way home, leaving the distressed Clarkson to find his own way out of Germany.

Apparently, Clarkson can’t go anywhere without causing some kind of controversy. Do you think that the check-in clerk had a right to keep Clarkson from boarding, or was he out of line? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to like and follow us on Facebook, and Twitter for more news and updates.

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  1. Not really a hate crime, just some Nigel No Friends trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. Yes he should be sacked for involving his employer in his personal issues. How much money would The Grand Tour spend on airfares? Guess which company may not be getting any of it in future.

  2. I’m Argentinian and I find this outrageous. Guy should have been fired on the spot. And just to clarify, not all Argies are this butthurt.

    I wish they hadn’t underestimated Argentinians radar for subtleties, I would have loved to see the joke they were planning with the license plates. And I’m sad the main point of the show ended up being the political issue, Argentina has so much more to offer to avid motorists than what was shown. And trust me on this, we hold no grudge. Next time, make sure you’re not going to get caught on the spot trying to outwit a local on a sensitive-to-a-few subject.

  3. The little check in clerk was out of order and should be sacked and sued as well as fined by the Germans.

  4. The bitterness of some of those Argentinians is staggering. As far as I know, the whole issue that happened in Argentina was a big misunderstanding, and for Clarkson to be continually persecuted for it is sad. It’s sad for Clarkson who has to unjustly endure it and for the Argentinians who are holding themselves back by holding onto their anger.

  5. Sounds like a stupid reason to lose your job. “Oh I don’t like this person, I’m gonna go against my entire purpose in this job to piss him off, it’ll be totally worth it.”

  6. Unless Clarkson was a security threat or banned from the airline or the destination, which he wasn’t, the gate agent had no right to keep him off the flight. Sorry you don’t like the guy, but he has every right to fly that airline. And not to bring stereotypes up but all my friends from various parts of South America and Central America have all told me…they HATE Argentinians. They have this sense of ego and entitlement…this guy seems to fit that stereotype.

  7. If they did want to be made fun of then maybe their soldiers should have fought harder instead of taking military lessons from the French. (Just kidding Frenchies. I’m just playing on the stereotype. Your guys fought hard, but were poorly led.)

  8. I’m romanian, so I know better what means hate crime.
    But this one is really bad, He should fired by the Company and Mr. Clarkson should ask for public apologies.
    And the German Court should jailed this stupid one and after that send him back to his country, Argentina.
    At least this should be his “reward “

  9. What a sad, bitter, desperate man for petty revenge. I would say yes, it technically was a hate crime. The smug little bureaucrat needs to understand that he doesn’t serve his own interests. He would wish Clarkson fired, then he should get a dose of his own medicine.

  10. Hahahaha although I think its out of place, karma is a bitch. What Clarkson is become a complaining little girl like the other guy. Take the high road.
    Love the show!! Cant wait for grand tour.

    1. There is no karma involved. If it was an Argentinian airline or Argentinian government refusing for Clarkson to travel to Argentina, there is no debate.

      But in this case, an Argentinian working in Germany probably for a British or other European Airline has zero right to disrespect a client, no matter what is the clients name.

  11. Completely and totally way out of line. His personal opinion has nothing to do with airport policy. He should be immediately fired. As for charges brought against him, that’s a grey area on what crime was actually committed. At the least, he could/should be sued for any cost incurred for his causing the delay. Considering Clarkson most likely traveled first class, I would say this now out of work attendant is probably going to be paying for this out of his pocket for a long time.

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