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Jeremy Clarkson And Kaleb Spotted Filming Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 Despite Dismissing Rumours

Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper have been spotted filming for what we expect is Season 2 of Clarkson’s Farm, despite the presenter dismissing claims earlier this week. 

Fans were extremely sad to hear that Jeremy Clarkson had rejected claims that Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 was greenlit for production. This claim was made merely days ago when a source close to Amazon confirmed that Jeremy was Amazon’s new “golden boy”, and that Season 2 was confirmed.

Jeremy Clarkson On Clarkson’s Farm Season 2: “Nothing Is Confirmed”

A source told The Sun the following: “Jeremy is Amazon’s golden boy and a new series is already in the pipeline.

“It’s rated five stars on Amazon and has a 9.3 rating on IMDB, which is practically unheard of.

“It means Jeremy’s fellow farmers Kaleb, ‘Cheerful’ Charlie and Gerald will all be in front of cameras on the farm again.”

This, however, was shortly followed by Jeremy taking to Twitter to reject these rumours.

“Not sure where this ‘second series’ stuff is coming from,” he wrote. “Nothing is confirmed.”

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But now, we’ve got our hands on some videos that prove otherwise. These videos show Jeremy and Kaleb on Diddly Squat Farm being followed by a camera crew as they tend to their crops, talk with Diddly Squat Farm Shop customers, talk to the camera. 

Watch the video below:

It clearly shows that filming is being carried out, which makes us wonder why Jeremy is rejecting this, unless it has something to d with some kind of deal with Amazon Prine Video. 

It’s safe to say, fans will be incredibly happy to see that there’s still activity on Clarkson’s Farm, especially with it being the most praised show on Amazon yet. 

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