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Jeremy Clarkson Suffers Major Farming Mishap As Chickens Are Murdered

Jeremy Clarkson has had all 34 of his chickens killed by a fox at his farm in the Cotswolds according to his Instagram and Twitter profiles.

While fans are excited to see more from The Grand Tour, especially after Clarkson was spotted filming in Wales and the West Midlands alongside fellow presenters Richard Hammond and James May, his time at home has been dominated by his farm. Named Diddly Squat Farm, this new venture will be featured in an upcoming series on Amazon Prime Video under the rumoured name I Bought The Farm, and will show Clarkson battling with the challenges all farmers have faced over the past year.

The ex-Top Gear presenter has owned chickens for years now, but he’s recently posted to his social sites that a fox had murdered all of his 34 chickens.

He wrote: “A fox has just killed all of them”, adding on his Twitter feed: “A fox has just killed 34 of my hens.”

Harry Metcalfe, a friend of Clarksons and a fellow motoring journalist, most notable for creating Evo Magazine, empathised with the presenter:

“Really sorry to hear that. It’s peak time of year for this to happen as they’re out finding food for their recently born cubs. Hope you’ve got some chickens left,” he replied.

Other fans were quick to sympathise, with one fan saying that “Foxes are so nasty. I remember having to collect up 20 chickens that had been killed by a fox a few years ago.”

Clarkson, wanting to add some humour to the sad situation, later posted the following still from The Grand Tour episode Aston, Astronauts and Angelina’s Children, to his Instagram account:

Abbie Eaton, the driver for The Grand Tour before it changed season and episode structure, replied with her sympathies: “🤣 sorry about your birds. I love birds x,” she said.

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