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Van Attempts To Force Its Way Into Traffic – Ends In Epic Failure

Merging at the last minute is never a good idea. But an even worse idea is forcing yourself into a line of traffic, especially when you’re trying to squeeze in front of a truck. The reason being is that trucks have huge blind spots right in front of them, so even if you think they have enough time to brake, they likely won’t.

This video comes from the dashcam of an unlucky truck driver who encounters a less than intelligent driver behind the wheel of a Toyota van. With the van in the left lane and the truck in the right, it’s clear that the road is about to split. But as the split gets closer, the van starts to move closer to the middle of the road. Unfortunately, this stupid manoeuvre isn’t seen by the van driver, who continues on his way without lowering his speed. And finally, the collision happens, when the van tries to push ahead of the truck but instead hits him, causing the Toyota’s rear end to begin to spin round.

As soon as the truck driver realises he’s hit something he slows down, allowing the Toyota driver to steer left against the rotation. But the idiocy continues as he steers too far left and runs off the road before flattening a signpost.

What do you think then? Should the truck driver have seen the Toyota driver’s manoeuvre? Or is the Toyota in the wrong for making such a stupid move? Let us know in the comments.

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