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Jeremy Clarkson Takes Another Dig At ‘Struggling’ Top Gear And Identifies Where They Go Wrong

It’s been a few years now since a rebooted Top Gear hit our telly screens. Inevitably, this has led to infinite comparisons to Amazon’s The Grand Tour, some of which we’re responsible for.

But what does the kingpin of motoring shows think? Why is Jeremy Clarkson so successful when alongside Richard Hammond and James May? Watch the video below and Clarkson will explain all.

Yep, the difference between Top Gear’s latest lineup and the age old chemistry of The Grand Tour is simply, time. The famous trio have been working together since 2003 (James wasn’t around for the first series), and this has allowed them to know how each of them will react to certain scenarios.

Clarkson says,

“The wonderful thing is when working together for what feels like 300 years we’re completely in tune with one-another.

“I could say something and if you pause it, I could write down what they would say in response. That’s where other motoring shows would struggle. You have to be completely in tune and we just are.”

Top Gear is definitely improving, but only time will tell. Let us know what you think of the latest Top Gear episodes in the comments below.

Alex Harrington

Alex started racing at a young age so certainly knows his way around a car and a track. He can just about put a sentence together too, which helps. He has a great interest in the latest models, but would throw all of his money at a rusty old French classic and a 300ZX. Contact: [email protected]

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  1. I don’t have a issue with the BBC continuing Top Gear but the way they’ve tried to continue the Clarkson and Wilman format is just silly. They arr in denial that they need the trio to make it a success!

    Jeremy wrote and came up with the format, before he did it was in a completely different format. So why not let the new team redesign it ? Stop trying to be something you’re not and it’ll be successful.

  2. I have to say it wasn’t until the most recent season of GT that it started to click. We shall see if they can maintain that.

  3. I stopped watching Top Gear, it seemed too contrived, they seemed to be trying too hard to be the old Top Gear.

  4. The new top gear is really boring and unfunny, it’s like they’ve found an old Clarkson script and keep repeating it , and as for the two northern twits that can’t drive or know anything about cars, they have no chemistry, I use to look forward to a Sunday night and a new episode of TG , not any more!

  5. Can’t stand the new top gear apart from Chris Harris but there is no chemistry and Paddy and Freddy are just annoying and pointless… Top Gear now needs scrapping and completely rethinking there’s no point trying to copy what it was with May Gezza and Hamster as they made that show theirs, Keep Chris Harris but get 2 decent knowledgable people in and let them free think how it should be and build something new.

  6. I really have tried to like this season of Top Gear, hoping we could have 2 entertaining car shows. In truth the latest reboot just needs to go away. I have given up on Top Gear not even going to finish this season.

  7. The new top gear team is brilliant and the chemistry is already there, considering they’ve only had 5 episodes I’d say they are miles ahead of where Clarkson was then. Also grand tour feels forced and fake now at least new top gear is actually fun.

  8. Think Top Gear is the best it’s ever been. Freddie Flintoff and Paddy Mcguinnss have brought another dimension to the show.. Brilliant. Can’t wait for another series.

  9. The last series of Top Gear was excellent, there’s real chemistry between Paddy, Freddie and Chris, and I don’t have to pay a subscription to watch it!

  10. Top gear is way better than grand tour!! GT is just boring & not funny.. Whereas TG is now hilarious with paddy & Freddie.. TG, hands down winner.. No question!!

  11. The new top gear is one of the best series to date. The lads have good chemistry and banter, Chris delivers the technical car knowledge in a way that no other top gear presenter (Apart from Tiff) has been able to.
    I used to enjoy watching Jez Richard and James, and watched the first series of the grand tour but their humour and presenting is now 20 years out of date, so it is understandable that the old people still think it’s a good show.

  12. I don’t understand why people dislike Clarkson.
    We find him a breath of fresh air.
    Doesn’t hide his thoughts up.
    Steve g

  13. I HATE the Grand Tour. Im sorry, but the stupid dildo scenes from season 1 just showed how stupid Jeremy has become. The last season or 2 of TG with the old trio showed struggles with BBC as the trio wanted to go the path they went with GT, but as a “family” show its not on. I have 2 kids racing karts (GT seaon 1 they were 10 and 14) and we love anything car and racing related, and could not believe the under the belt talks etc of GT season 1. Not for kids.

    Anyway, I still love TG. The quality of the content still beats any motoring show. And Ja, the presenters have to find their tune, and I do love Paddy and Kie of the current series.

    I have the first seaons of TG also, and JC was a bit boring in the beginning too. It took a few years to get the trios chemestry right. And it will happen at TG. And GT wont be around then as I believe they arw shooting the last season. Thank Heavens…..

    1. Hello…
      Both are entertaining shows….
      Just different.
      Why people think these are legit car documentary shows? lol.
      And they get mad about anything. So sensible.

  14. Clarkson should enjoy his retirement. Its clear with the F1 comment Video that he has lost connection with reality.

    As for the Grand Tour vs Top Gear, Top Gear is actually funny and enjoyable now. Getting close to the best that Top Gear ever showed us in the past. The Grand Tour is just a shadow of this with three old man trying too hard to be funny and failing at it. Eboladrome? Cmon.

    You got sacked. Stop beating a dead horse and get a new one (preferably a better one than before) or stop with horseback riding altogether.

  15. Top gear will never be the same or any good with the magic trio presenting it. The show has tried every year but failed! I thought the new line up wasn’t too bad until the onscreen bullying started from flintoff but they just don’t have the magic that clarkson Hammond and May have also experience and background. Watched top gear wasn’t pushed ner turned it over watched grand tour loved every minute and was glued to screen..

  16. Chemistry chemistry chemistry!
    Chris Harris is far the best the BBC have managed to get, but 1/3 of a team isn’t good enough. Everyone else has tried, but just can’t cut the mustard.
    The Clarkson formula is unique and will never be matched. Time to think outside the Clarkson box of the BBC want to top the magical trio.

    1. I like Chris Harris on his own because he is interesting and it is his show, not an imitation of the original TG. IT IS ALSO A totally different car show with Chris solo.

  17. As the latest series progressed it started to grow on me, by the last episode I was kind of sad it was over, I wasn’t keen on Freddy at first, it just seemed like he was reading from a script just off camera, but again towards the end I started to warm to him. These three are certainly the best since Clarkson, May and Hammond departed. I think another series will either make or break the current line up

  18. Clarksons head is as big as his gob, last series of top gear with the new presenters was excellent the signs are that top gear will be back on top , the grand tour is brilliant but just doing specials might be it’s downfall

  19. You can’t beat the original team,the other two productions have tried,but just don’t gel.
    I prefer watching reruns of Clarkson,May and Hammond.

  20. Top gear will forever remain my every best show I have ever watch . I have watched Top gear from April 1977 right up to the grand tour 3 Amazon, my wife and I travel the world so much and I now live in America so Top Gear is my piece of good old Blighty.

  21. I think Jeremy Clarkson is right about the chemistry but I also think the way they made fun of each other was funny. Kind of like the brothers on “Car Talk”. They always made fun of each other but they were also laughing together. When people with no chemistry try it, it’s just awkward.

  22. I have really enjoyed this season with new host. It is headed in right direction Harris is the stable they need to keep going

  23. Top gear sucks. The grand tour has the chemistry. Top gear is boring while the grand tour has a comedy effect which makes it much more interesting to watch.

  24. Getting better as time goes on. The first two seasons were just poop, but the third showed more promise, which is good for everyone.

    I hope they make it because when they are on key, then the show is so much better. Good luck to them.

  25. will someone PLEASE tell jeremy to trim his friggin eyebrows geez you could braid those things lol

  26. Top gear is a good show but…its just the same old show just with different hosts! Do s omething different! Why have an audience standing around the hosts? Something! Anything to distinguish the two shows.

  27. Top gear has really gone down hill, they are using guys who know nothing about cars and they can’t even drive. It needs Chris Harris, another male who can drive and I think a female racing driver to change things

  28. Jeremy is completely right, top gear with “the” trio is like a funnier.. last of the summer wine, it’s chemistry that’s why no one else cuts it like these three,
    Come back boys!!!

  29. Jeremy Clarkson and Hammond and may, of the old Top Gear was the show of all show when it comes down to a Car Show.
    The three worked together feeding on what was happening at the time may that be on the TV show its self or when out a travel adventure. EG. The North Pole one of the Greatest programs ever made with the Clarkson band of three, and most possible we will never see on our TV.

    Top Gear now has lost it and is a waste of T v license money.

    I now view the Clarkson three on Amazon.

    The BBC have lost diraction when it come down to car shows.

    Kind regards
    Graham Ball

  30. One of the programs was so dull I actually looked over to my Mrs who was watching me intently….blank stair and my eyebrows said it all???? they seem to end up messing around joking with each other and forget that it’s about the cars….I still stink the barking mad German lady should be fronting it,she’s interesting,a brilliant driver and barking mad.

  31. I do not like how the new presenters pick on Harris. He is the best host, in my opinion.

    1. You are right, Flintoff is a bully, usually find his type in rugby clubs and cricket clubs all over. The type who think it is hilarious to get drunk at the airport and then start singing disgusting rugby songs on an airplane and ridicule anybody that complains. Chris Harris seems to take it alright but his eyes sometimes show he is not happy. Paddy is OK but pointless really. Start again bbc, previous contributor was right get Sabine in charge and it might stand a chance.

  32. No match with grand tour. May be in few years top gear will get better but for now it’s no way near grand tour. I am kinda sad that they ditched the tent but time will tell.

  33. not the same without Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and james may. top gear now is crap also gone downhill #BIG TIME

  34. I remember downloading bootleg episodes of top gear back in 2005, never missed an episode. Top Gear was a permanent fixture in my life. You just get used to the antics of these 3 old car guys. Then the show went on hiatus for a while and it comes back with a new cast trying to recreate the chemistry of the old crew and it just wasnt the same. Its like being 19 and your parents get divorced and 6 montha later theyre married to new partners and the expect you to call the new partners mom or dad. Its not the same. Top Gear will have to build a new fan base, cause theyre not gonna get the millions of people like me to watch these new hosts. We will however pay for Amazon prime to see Grand Tour.

  35. The presenters on top gear are not good enough for the show, not funny not knowledgeable

  36. Sorry, maybe the new Top Gear is great for people from the UK, but us in the US, other than Chris, can’t understand a word said, and they’re just not entertaining any longer.
    We need more Sabine and Rory (and Matt back), they need 2 different guys, and just change it back to how it was.

  37. What’s topgear? I thought that was an awesome show that ended a while back?

    Grand tour or nothing… topgear without the three boys is… just… nothing.

  38. The new Top gear with Freddie, Paddy and Chris is now like it was back in the day. I loved it with Clarkson, Hammond and May but I now feel like they has lost the edge and things are starting to be stupid even to a point I find it hard to watch Grand tour, sorry guys but the new line up on Top Gear is the way forward ????????????

      1. This is only my opinion but Top Gear without Clarkson, Hammond and May, is not Top Gear. I would watch The Grand Tour anytime over Top Gear.

    1. Well BBC should stop trying to recreate the old Top gear and make a proper car show but without this clowns that they found since the Three Musketeers left

      The lineup should be:
      Henry Catchpole from Carfection
      Jethro Bovington from MotorTrend (previous EVO)
      and Chris but only if we can rewind him to is years in YouTube

  39. This is all from my personal prospective and my personal opinion…..even if it doesn’t match your own!
    I am a regular Top Gear viewer (both original and the US versions) and I’m kinda struggling with the latest season of the BBC version.
    The guys don’t really click like they should. The seasons with Matt LeBlanc were a little rough….but at least they had some zing!
    I’m hoping it’ll get better!

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