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Jeremy Clarkson Takes Fight To National Trust As Racism Investigation Is Launched

Jeremy Clarkson has argued against the National Trust’s choice to investigate racism in their stately homes, only moments after they’ve made 500 people redundant thanks to the lost income thanks to the pandemic.

The trust has lost a total of £200million thanks to forced closures over the last year, but now it’s investing money into an examination of its homes, their owners, and any history of links to the slave trade. These results were published, but 500 members complained on the grounds that the charity is working outside of its charitable purposes. A case was opened, but recently it was confirmed that this was “in line” with its charitable purposes and that members shouldn’t be concerned.

McGrady has however admitted the timing was a “mistake”, telling Jeremy Paxman on his podcast The Lock In, the following:

“My biggest mistake was publishing it when we did, because it got conflated with Black Lives Matter.”


The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson has now questioned what this cost the charity, as he argues in his most recent column.

“We have been told the National Trust, an organisation popular with white-haired old people in Citroen Picassos, has lost more than £200million since the pandemic began.

“So I was a bit surprised to read this week that it has been busy trying to work out whether the house where poet William Wordsworth lived is racist.”

He continued:

“I have no idea how much this ridiculous investigation will cost.

“But if I were one of the 500 people recently made redundant by the National Trust, I’d be quite keen to find out.”

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