The Grand Tour

Jeremy Clarkson Takes Shot at Critics of Weekly Release Schedule

One of the most popular questions out there is whether or not Amazon will release all the episodes for The Grand Tour all at once or will it be more of a traditional weekly release?

It was confirmed last week that it will be released weekly when Amazon announced the premiere date and trailer for the upcoming premiere season. It seems that the criticism has been heard by Clarkson and he took to Twitter to offer his viewpoint on the situation:

To be honest, I actually love that the series is going to be released weekly, so that I don’t binge watch everything and have nothing to do but wait for Season two to begin.

It also gives fans stuff to talk about together, so that the fun and new community can grow together at the same pace. I think it’s something that shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black have missed out on.


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  1. I like weekly, as it suits the style and type of the show. Binge watching is okay if you want to watch Breaking Bad, but not if you want to watch three guys fart around in cars…

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