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F1: Jeremy Clarkson Was Critical Of Lewis Hamilton’s Move To Mercedes

When Jeremy Clarkson interviewed Lewis Hamilton on Top Gear in 2013, it was on the cliff edge of his move from McLaren to Mercedes. The 7-time world champion made a huge and what turned out to be a permanent move to Mercedes, and the risk showed high reward as he brought in 6 world championships with the team.

At the time, Jeremy Clarkson was very critical of the move, comparing his move from McLaren to the Silver Arrows to moving from football club Manchester United to West Ham. When asked about this, Hamilton compared his move to Schumacher moving from Ferrari to Mercedes. In fact, this actually inspired him to move, as well as a call from Niki Lauder.

Now, Mercedes is struggling for the first time in years as it battles porpoising and aerodynamically-created traction. Currently sitting 7th in the Driver Standings, Lewis Hamilton sits 3 positions behind teammate George Russell. Mercedes sits in a lucky third in the Constructor Standings, although this likely won’t last as the team struggles to maintain pace against its competitors. Even Haas, the underdog of 2021, is seemingly faster than the Silver Arrows.

– Mercedes AMG F1 Media

Despite this, Lewis Hamilton is still thought to be one of the best racers on the grid, with even Red Bull team principal Christian Horner expecting him to improve later on in this season.

“He obviously had a horrible weekend but he is still an eight-time world champion… seven-time! I forgot Nico Rosberg won,” Horner told the press via GP Fans.

“He hasn’t forgotten how to drive in the last four races so at some point they will sort their issues out and he will become a factor but obviously, the young guys are doing a great job.”

Lewis Hamilton is also ready to defend his place in F1 history as naysayers argue that Hamilton is past his prime:

“I’ve seen a couple of comments from certain individuals that I remember growing up respecting when I was younger. But ultimately their comments are silly and a bunch of nonsense all in the aim to get headlines to keep themselves relevant,” Hamilton said.

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