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Jeremy Clarkson Tells Prince Harry To “Get Lost” After Remembrance Sunday Debacle

Jeremy Clarkson has commented on the current feud between Prince Harry and the royal family, slamming Harry by writing how he is not a member of the royal family and should “get lost”.

In a his column for The Sun, he talks about how the queen rejected Harry when he asked her to place a wreath on The Cenotaph for him for Remeberence Sunday. The Grand Tour presenter questions why Harry thought he would be allowed that right after he left England after marrying Meghan Markle with their son Archie.

“If I’d rung Buckingham Palace last weekend to ask if Mrs Queen would lay a wreath at the Cenotaph on my behalf, I’m fairly sure they’d have politely told me to get lost,” he wrote.

“Because I’m not a member of the Royal Family. So why did Harry Markle think that someone should lay a wreath on his behalf?

“Because he’s not a member of the Royal Family either,” he stated.

It was however reported that the Queen wasn’t told of this request, and instead Harry laid a wreath in Los Angeles with his wife.

Jeremy has also commented on the couple’s recent Netflix deal, explaining how they would be “drivel” and “just awful”.

“They will be drivel.

“£100 million to make shows and films that inform and give hope? Kill me.

“I’d be much better making their programmes, as I don’t give a s**t about anything they give a s**t about. Just awful,” he added. Harry and Meghan have reportedly been paid £112 million for the contract with Netflix, and could include a documentary on Princess Diana, according to The Mirror.

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  1. I like this man he speaks the truth the traitorous Harry slave boy markle is no longer a part of the Royal family, although him and has mistress markle expect all the privileges and do no work you are so right they need to get lost

  2. Prince Harry resigned from his royal duties not his family ya big dolt. He and his family will always be part of the royal family.

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