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Jeremy Clarkson’s Daughter Emily Breaks Jaw And Attempts To Break The Internet With Hilarious Post

Emily Clarkson, daughter to The Grand Tour and ex-Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, revealed on her Instagram account that she has had her jaw broken. Emily is a brilliant advocate for women, with her social sites geared towards promoting a healthy body image. The post announcing her broken jaw is a great example of her work on the subject.

Describing her post as “catfishing” her fans, she describes herself as looking “entirely f*****g foul,” with a number of the images in the gallery showing off her new jaw cover that she received after surgery.

Fans were then treated to another post, where Emily attempted to “break the internet” with a number of iconic images, such as Kim Kardashian’s famous portrait, photoshopped with her post-surgery face over the original. It’s brilliant, self-deprecating, and pure genius.

The post amassed over 15,000 likes and over 400 comments of fans singing Emily’s praises, but she didn’t stop there. Her following posts continued to focus on her jaw, with one post focussing on her only being able to drink, but it being okay to crave and give in to your food urges.

Her most recent shows you an example of how much a beauty app can change your face, even when you’ve just had jaw surgery. Previous posts from Emily on this have seen massively positive responses, and this is no different, with the video highlighting just how dangerous these types of apps can be.

We wish Emily the best as she continues to heal, and love the work she’s doing through her Instagram and other social sites.

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