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Jeremy Clarkson’s Daughter Models For Naked Catwalk For Healthy Body Image Campaign

We’ve often expressed our love for the daughter of Jeremy Clarkson, Emily. For years now she’s been pushing to empower women and promote body positivity through her social sites and columns, and now she’s taken everything a step further with the aim to make women feel good about their bodies. 

She’s taken part in a campaign for female empowerment where she stripped off to nothing but nude underwear and boob tape before walking down a catwalk.

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Painted in a host of different colours – orange, pink, white, her body was on full display and artist Sophie Tea pushes to promote a healthy body image for women of all shapes and sizes. 

Emily said the following: “I hope everyone who watched the show was able to see themselves represented.”

She also shared a couple of photos on Instagram.

“I f*****g hated my body. All of it, and for years I was at war with myself,” Emily wrote.

“And beautifully, mercifully, from the moment the brush hit my skin; it ceased to be about me at all. There was no room for my insecurities, because every inch of that room was full to the brim of female empowerment, the scale of which I’ve never seen before.”

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She added that she felt incredibly proud of herself and had never before felt that level of strength. 

“If I had grown up seeing the female form only through Sophie Tea’s lens, my life would’ve been very different.”

The artist Sophie is known for painting nude photos of women, but chose to move this to reality with a number of women involved in this catwalk. 

She posted to Instagram the following:

“And that’s a wrap! Nudies I love you forever. Thank you so so much to everyone involved in our final ever nudie catwalk. End of an era, but it’s been a good one!”

We are in awe of Emily and Sophie, and all of the women involved in this campaign. 

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