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Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘Deeply Offensive’ Words Were Censored Says Grand Tour Presenter

Jeremy Clarkson has admitted that a paragraph was removed from a recent column of his and replaced with the writing of a ghostwriter.

He writes in his most recent column for The Sunday Times that this paragraph was about how “some people in this country can’t speak English,” but this was censored by the media outlet, who then replaced it with a paragraph written by a ghostwriter that The Grand Tour presenter didn’t know about. This may have been the right move from the outlet, with Clarkson admitting that while the words were “patently true”, they were also “deeply offensive”.

“So it was all removed,” he wrote. “And that meant some poor soul had to sit down at his, or her — or their — laptop and fill the gap with a new passage that sounded as if it had been written by me, while expressing an opinion that I don’t have.”

He continues:

“That’s selfish of me, making them do this extra work, so this week I shall say what I’m not thinking instead. To save them the bother of changing it.”

He continues his column entirely in satire, making fun of his views on racism, his family, and politics, with him ending his column by announcing that he was “going to burn a few Union Jacks, erect a monument to George Floyd, have a Mao-themed vegan barbecue and free all my baby lambs from the tyranny of farming. Before going into town to kill a bill and smash up a Mercedes-Benz.”

You can read the full column by heading over here.

This comes not long after Jeremy Clarkson was taken out of context by The Express, who twisted his words negatively against racing driver Sabine Schmitz who sadly passed away not long ago.

I rant about this in a video below, so watch that for the full story, but you can guess what it was about once I tell you that The Express headlined one of their articles with the following:

“Jeremy Clarkson said Sabine Schmitz was ‘rude’ and ‘humiliated’ him in first Top Gear meet”

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