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The Toyota MR2 Is Reborn With New, Modern Design

The Toyota MR2 was one of the marque’s greatest sports cars when it was released in 1984. It slowly evolved into one of the greatest Toyotas ever built, but with the Mk3 becoming a bit ugly and bulbous, it was taken off the market in 2007.

Now, thanks to one of our favourite designers, Rain Prisk, the sports car has been reborn in a render from the fabled designer. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely we’ll see a new MR2 anytime soon, despite rumours circulating of its return a couple of years ago. It seems as though Toyota has spoilt enough with the new GR86, GR Yaris, and the Supra. But this design is still pretty damn cool.

As you can see from Prisk’s design, it’s a modern take on the famous mid-engined sports car, with it almost looking like a Koenigsegg from the rear quarter back. The pop-up headlights look to be included as well with no actual headlight visible, but no framing for pop-ups… but we can hope, right?

It sits low, with black wheels only exaggerating the fact, but it retains a lot of the design language, especially at the front, of the Mk2 MR2 – arguably the most popular version of the model.

So, let us know if you like the look of it, and how badly you now want Toyota to bring back a budget mid-engined sports car that we can all fawn over.

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  1. Why bother pipe dreaming about something that will never be built. I’m sure if they did build it it would still have some anemic power plant anyways. Waste of time

  2. Live the look, very reminiscent of the MK2. I owned an original MK1, and then a turbo version of the MK2 both in glorious red. The MK1 was one of the best handling cars I’ve owned, while the MK2 was a poor man’s Ferrari, being turbo charged it had fantastic performance to go with its looks.

  3. The mk3 mr2 was the lightest of the 3 original models, the only one just under a 1000kg
    Agree on it being the least pretty of the original 3 though.
    Its a good looking rendering, if it does get announced the only other thing I’d hope for is an inline engine and not the boxer

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