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Jeremy Clarkson’s Ex-Wife Reveals Why The Grand Tour Presenter Bought Clarkson’s Farm

Jeremy Clarkson’s ex-wife Phillipa Sage has released a book on what it was like to live with The Grand Tour presenter. To promote her book, she’s written a column for The Sun where she gives a brief but interesting oversight into what their life looked like together, and the reason behind Jeremy buying his farm.

Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm has become an iconic part of England’s rich tourism scene. But while Clarkson’s Farm began in 2021, he actually bought the farm in 2008. I’d assumed that this was to spread his wealth into an appreciating asset, and I’m sure this was a large part of the reason behind the purchase. But Sage has revealed another part of this equation.

“Jeremy, as you all now know, has a farm in the Cotswolds,” she wrote for The Sun.

“He always claimed he’d bought it for us because he needed something to do when we were on one of our breaks.

“The farmland, all one thousand acres of it, would be a great place to escape.”

She continued further to explain that she loved having the land, but the house – that Jeremy has now rebuilt after it was knocked down in an episode of The Grand Tour – was poor.

“I liked the extensive views beyond the garden’s drystone wall over the rolling Cotswold countryside beyond but, in reality, the property was really run down.

“It hadn’t been lived in for years and reminded me of Bleak House, set on top of a hill, one of the highest and coldest points in Oxfordshire.”

She described how herself and Jeremy enjoyed carrying out work to the house, especially the demolition aspects of it. She also admitted that even back then Jeremy was creating the plans for the rebuild.

“While I grew to love them, I always had concerns about being alone in an enormous house atop a freezing wasteland, while Jeremy was off gallivanting around the world,” she wrote.

“We loved spending time there, plotting and planning how things would be laid out, where I could keep my beloved horses and other furry and feathered friends, and where Jeremy could grow vegetables.

“He used to dream of having an empty diary and being able to just potter in the garden.”

The column by Sage gives an insight into Jeremy that we haven’t seen so much, and it’s a great read if you’re interested in the other side of his life that isn’t so visible to the public.

The Grand Tour is currently filming in Slovakia and Bratislava after a road trip through Poland. You can catch up with that here.

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