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Jeremy Clarkson Sparks Excitement Over Spinoff For Kaleb Cooper Amid Clarkson’s Farm Success

Get ready for the next big thing in reality TV. Well, if Jeremy Clarkson has anything to do with it anyway. The Clarkson’s Farm presenter has cooked up a plan that will have viewers on the edge of their seats as he comes up with an idea for the breakout stars of the show, Kaleb Cooper and Gerald Cooper, to get their own spinoff.

The second season of Clarkson’s Farm may have faced some controversies, but that hasn’t stopped it from being a hit with viewers as they flock to Jeremy Clarkson’s defence after poor council behaviour once again pushed back against the farm. But with the latest episode, fans are buzzing with excitement over the possibility of a Kaleb spinoff.

In a clip moments ahead of the British Farming Awards, Jeremy and Kaleb are sat together discussing their career. But the conversation suddenly turns to Kaleb’s new hairstyle which features tramlines down the side of his head.

“So go on just talk me through your hair. What hairstyle is that? What exactly did you say to the barber?” Jeremy asked.

“Can I have tramlines?’ And she knew what I meant,” Kaleb replied blunty.

Jeremy continued: “Tramlines, but then the bit on the top…?”

Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

“That’s a perm still. It is! There’s a bit of volume in the perm,” Kaleb added.

Gerald, another fan-favourite from the popular Prime Video show then got sucked into the conversation thanks to his brilliant mullet.

“I think you and Gerald should start a new British detective programme. Called Perm and Mullet.

“I think it sounds like a couple of detectives who roam around the countryside solving rural crime.”

Since hearing this, fans have gone crazy on Twitter for this to actually come to fruition.

“Two episodes into #ClarksonsFarm and I want to a spin off show with the legend that is Kaleb Cooper,” one user posted.

“Watching Kaleb giving @JeremyClarkson a b****cking about tram lines has to be in the running for the BAFTA TV moment! Brilliant. Kaleb is a man who loves life.”

Another added:

“Someone give Kaleb Cooper his own show. About anything BUT farming.”

This is definitely the right thing to do. Another also posted:

“I’m placing bets that Kaleb Cooper has his own show within 18 months – great show!”

What do you think? Would you watch a show solely presented by Kaleb Cooper? Let us know in the comments!

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