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Watch Ken Block’s Daughter Race The Hoonicorn Against A Tesla Model S Plaid

The latest Hoonicorn vs. The World series is now available on the Hoonigan YouTube channel. In this video, Ken Block’s 14-year-old daughter Lia is the latest rubber melting, tarmac staining, talented racing driver to pilot the crazy one-of-a-kind 1,400 horsepower AWD Mustang known as the Hoonicorn. She’s already an established racing driver, but now she risks it all as she lines up against a Tesla Model S Plaid.

In fact, this battle against Tesla’s fastest (so far) is a lot more competitive than you would believe. The 1,000-hp EV sedan is already notorious for its insane acceleration – we’re talking 60 mph in under two seconds on a prepared track.

The Tesla accelerates like no other 2.5-tonne vehicle can, with its four wheels grabbing at the tarmac with great ease. So does Lia in the Hoonicorn, though an extra 400 hp and 2,000 pounds less weight isn’t necessarily an advantage off the line.

The Model S Plaid jumps the lights slightly, so Lia does her best to put the pedal to the metal. With smoke streaming from all four tires, she flies past the Tesla for a victory in the 1,000-foot drag race. But the Plaid put up some serious competition, especially when you take into account it’s straight from the factory floor.

The second round is staged similarly to the first, with one exception: The Model S is given a two-car lead. Before reaching the finish line, Lia managed to recover just a little of her advantage, showing some excellent throttle control but not enough for victory. Tesla wins in round two, but Hoonicorn isn’t finished.

For the final race, both cars return to even footing for a head-to-head dash down 500 feet instead of the original 1,000 feet. This may be the closest Hoonicorn vs. The World finish we’ve seen so far in the series. In the end, Lia takes the win by barely a quarter of a car length. But seriously, that Tesla is quick. I still can’t believe anyone with the cash can take one of those home…

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  1. turn off the traction control on the teslacle then see what happens with the teslacle you could put a brick on the pedal and win , no skillminvolved , might as well have a monkey driving

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