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Alfa Romeo Hints At New Performance Car Coming To Geneva Motor Show

Alfa Romeo has been very silent since it was revealed they’d be dropping the beautiful 4C along with the plans for a new GTV Coupe and 8C last year in favour for a range of SUVs. But with the Geneva Motor Show looming, we’ve been treated to a teaser from the Italian marque who seems keen to make an impact.

Announcing a “momentous comeback”, Alfa Romeo released the following clip to its social sites.

Of course, since this has been revealed, rumours have been running wild with stories of high-performance Giulias with the GTA suffix meaning Gran Turismo Alleggerita, or lightweight Grand Tourer. A spy shot that we, unfortunately, don’t have the rights to use on this website has also been captured that shows a Giulia in camouflage also hints at the truth behind this rumour.

The Giulietta is unlikely to receive any performance branding thanks to low sales and a general low interest in the hatchback market at this time. It’s much more likely that Alfa will turn their focus to either the Giulia or the Stelvio SUV. We’d much prefer the Giulia to undergo this performance treatment, but expected sales figures have all eyes on the Stelvio.

Alfa’s plans are currently unknown, but it won’t be long until all is revealed at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Make sure to head over to our dedicated by finding the Geneva Motor Show button on our menu system above to get the latest lowdown on everything expected from the show.

Alex Harrington

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