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James May Stole A Rug From The Grand Tour Tent After Season 3

Richard Porter, one of the geniuses behind the scripts of Top Gear and more recently The Grand Tour, has revealed on Twitter that James May stole a rug from the tent set of the show at the end of Season 3.

Season 3 saw the end of the tent with The Grand Tour only producing special episodes from now on. It was seen off with an emotional tribute to Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May’s long careers, with even the BBC allowing them to use clips from the legendary car show. But James May quite fancied taking a memento from the tent, so has taken one of the rugs for his own.

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Porter, under the name Sniff Petrol, admitted that it was extremely emotional for the team in the tweet.

In the same conversation, he then admits that only three special episodes remain. It’s unknown as to whether these will be the last episodes from The Grand Tour or if the contract will be renewed for more episodes after this, but it’s looking likely that the trio will be focussing on their own shows that are less physical compared to The Grand Tour’s intense regime.

Details are scarce, so we can’t take any of this as gospel, but we’ll keep you updated as we get the info!

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  1. Anyone know what the rug is? It’s quite lovely and we would like to get an example like it in our home.

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