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Kaleb Cooper Teases New Project Away From Clarkson’s Farm: “F**k Me That’s Good!”

Kaleb Cooper, Clarkson’s Farm second in command, posted a video on Instagram recently tasting a drink that appears to look like beer. While he hasn’t revealed any details of it yet, the video shows Kaleb being impressed by the drink. He goes on to fill another glass after ‘loving’ the first one.

From the looks of it, Kaleb might actually be coming up with a brand new Cider. People can be heard laughing at Kaleb’s reaction after having the drink for the first time. He has provided subtle hints of the drink in the post description:

“F**k me that’s good! Get the first taste of 6 months hard work tomorrow at the Gloucestershire Steeplechases or get your order in at”

After having his first go at the drink, Kaleb reacted by saying “that’s f**king good!”.

Grabbing the bottle again, only to pour some more into his glass. He takes another sip and enjoys the taste before confirming “that’s good!”


His fans have reacted in the comments with many excited to know what the drink is. Here are some funny ones:

sylwiastevens: “Looks like you had a few already”
foxjeanjacques: “Is my boy on the cider”
butterfly_stroud: “Yep, definitely good. Flog it… 😂”

Apart from the Lager, the Hawkstone website features the Hawkstone Cider in it as well. Is this the drink Kaleb Cooper has been working hard for? We’ll know soon enough!

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