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Jeremy Clarkson Catches COVID-19: Fans React To Clarkson’s Farm Disaster

Jeremy Clarkson broke out the news today via his Instagram post that showed a Covid-19 rapid test kit displaying a positive result. Appropriately captioned ‘Bollocks’, Clarkson has reportedly tested positive for Covid-19 the second time!

Last time, he tested positive for Covid-19 just before Christmas. He displayed mild symptoms and had to isolate himself. This time, there isn’t any clarity yet, about the severity of his infection and also if he was asymptomatic.

However, his fans had a gala time in the comments section. Some displayed concern while others made fun.

We’re sharing some reactions below:

the_drunken_jackalope : “Your pregnant”  (*you’re) 
formulamoron : “Not again Jezza 😭”
bland_man_sam : “You handled Hammond and May for years. The coof is nowt.”
bozdemir27 : “Get well soon Mr.Clarkson… Best wishes to you.”
khanjemima : “Again??? What about our tea???”
james_martindale1 : “Wait till the daily mail hears about this”
wesselbeijer : “Just a cold, you’ll make it👏”
w.tanuwijaya : “Let’s not get bogged down”
While Clarkson would be taking appropriate steps to ensure everybody’s safety around him, we’re not sure how his infection would affect the launch of Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 in 2022. So far, there hasn’t been an official update on the launch date yet.
However, things could get delayed in case Jeremy’s health demands more attention and rest. We’re hoping for the best to happen.
Here’s our Instagram post for Jeremy. Don’t forget to check the comments on it!


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