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McLaren 600LT Slams Into Tree In Drunk Driving Incident, Killing Youtuber

A 2020 McLaren 600LT, which costs upwards of a quarter-million dollars, was slammed into a tree in North Hollywood Tuesday night. The car was driven by the drunken “Ink Masters” star Daniel Silva, who had a Youtuber named Corey La Barrie riding in the passenger seat with him at the time.

La Barrie, who was celebrating his 25th birthday at the time of the accident, took the most of the impact, since the passenger side was what made contact with the tree. He was rushed to the hospital where he died of his injuries shortly after.

According to witnesses, Silva tried to leave the scene of the accident after managing to get out of the vehicle. A judge put him on $2 million bail awaiting trial.

In a series of posts made throughout the day, La Barrie expressed how drunk he was planning to get, since it was his birthday. Now his followers and friends are leaving mourning comments on his posts.

The LAPD says the vehicle was traveling at high speeds when the drunk tattoo artist lost control, hitting a stop sign before the tree.

Now that quarantine is ending, it wouldn’t be surprising if the influx in speeding tickets turned into a peak of drunk driving accidents, as people rush out to revel in their freedom. Just remember to stay safe and take an Uber.

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