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Bus Driver Prevents Horrific Accident With Incredible Reaction Time

Today we’re bringing you a hair raising moment back from 2017 in which the very fast reactions of the bus driver ended up preventing a potentially horrific accident.

The incident took place on the M40 motorway near Oxford. As you can see from the start of the video, a silver VW Golf slams on its breaks heavily about a hundred metres in front of the twelve tonne coach. The heavy breaking causes the Golf’s rear wheels to lock up, sending the vehicle into a spin in the outside lane of the motorway.

Thankfully the bus driver behind had impeccable reaction times and slammed on the breaks pretty much instantly and came to a stop about seven seconds late and a hairs breadth away from crashing into the Volkswagen.

You can hear the passengers on the bus realise what is going on and begin panicking as the bus driver slams on the breaks, only to cheer their heroic driver when they see how well he avoided a nasty accident.

While we are unsure what caused the VW driver to break so heavily, we should imagine they were either distracted and didn’t notice the traffic slowing ahead, or there was some kind of wildlife running across the motorway. Either way, we’re glad no one was hurt and we applaud the quick thinking coach driver.

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