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How Not To Buy A Classic Car From Richard Hammond

Do you remember the one episode of Top Gear, where Jeremy raves about the Jaguar E-Type? There have been very few occasions on Top Gear where Jeremy gets more ecstatic about a car. And it’s true, the Jag E-Type sure is one fine car. That is probably why Richard Hammond owns one of these: a raw beauty to its steely bones.

Now, there has been a little game going on between Hammond and James May, which goes like this: May tries to convince Hammond to sell him the E-Type – except it isn’t for sale and May doesn’t actually want to buy it.

James May’s ultimate plan

But just a little while ago, James May posted a plan on Drivetribe about how he is finally going to win against Hammond. It’s a six-step scheme and goes like this:

  1. Recover Richard Hammond’s bank account data from an earlier online-banking transaction
  2. Without telling Hammond, transfer the value of the E-Type to his bank account
  3. Hope that Hammond won’t find out
  4. Wait for a year
  5. Take Hammond to small-claims-court and tell the judge, that you paid for the car, but Hammond hasn’t handed it over
  6. Victory!

However, there’s one little flaw: Hammond also being on Drivetribe will find out for sure. Therefore the plan is bound to fail at step 3, sadly. But sure, dear Sir, Mr May, we will wait till 2018 and look out for you. Thitherto, we just keep watching Jeremy driving the incredible first E-Type convertible over and over again:

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