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Jeremy Clarkson Gets Christmas Day Show Called ‘It’s Clarkson On TV’ Where He’ll Review 2020’s Best And Worst Shows

With his own unmatched personality, Jeremy Clarkson will revisit, and perhaps criticize, this year’s TV in a one-off special named It’s Clarkson On TV for ITV, scheduled to air on Christmas Day. 


The host of the Grand Tour will bring an honest, non-filtered review of the greatest and worst TV shows from this crazy year, and will bring huge amounts of entertainment to your Christmas while the majority of us stay inside. 

It’s no surprise that ITV is very excited:

With his signature razor-sharp delivery, Jeremy will pass judgment on what the great British public watched…and didn’t, and what fascinating foreign TV shows managed to make it to air.”

When is ‘It’s Clarkson on TV’ on?

Clarkson will be hosting ITV’s Christmas special as confirmed by the network. The special will air on Christmas day, Friday 25th December at 9:55 pm on ITV.

What is ‘It’s Clarkson on TV’ about?

Jeremy Clarkson, who is described as a “TV enthusiast and fan,” is expected to express his honest views on all the TV shows this year. So expect exactly what Clarkson excels at – taking the mickey with his “caustic and dry sense of humour.” 

“In an honest, no-holds-barred review of 2020 TV, It’s Clarkson On TV will bring us a razor-sharp look at the year’s TV – including what Jeremy’s loved and loathed,” ITV teased.

“He will be celebrating some of the best of British TV, including gripping dramas White House Farm, Quiz and Des, as well as feature the latest offerings from the streaming services including dating shows like Love is Blind to property shows like Selling Sunset.”

The ITV Christmas special will see Clarkson travel around the country and look at what the viewers have been watching this year. It will give viewers a sneak peek into a whole new world of TV, from bizarre game shows to crazy and fascinating daytime tv programs. 

The Christmas special It’s Clarkson On TV will air on Christmas day, Friday 25th December at 9:55 pm on ITV. If you’re searching for shows to watch, check out our TV Guide.

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