The Grand Tour

Remembering The Grand Tour’s Most Destructive Moment

Next up in our favourite Grand Tour moments is a good old fashioned game of Battleships.. well I say old fashioned, it was actually more modern, destructive and down right entertaining than ever before lets be honest.

This episode (the fifth in series 1) also featured the three amigos going on a road trip to Morocco to find the best affordable roadster with Hammond in the Mazda MX-5, May in the Zenos E10S and Clarkson in the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider – however, how entertaining as that was, our pick is from a smaller segment of the episode, a game of car battleships between James May and Richard Hammond.

Now if you’d like to try this at home, all you need is a massive field, about six cars of differing shapes and sizes which you don’t mind destroying, a load of G-Wizes that you also don’t mind destroying and a massive crane to drop said G-Wizes on said ‘battleships’.  With his technical mindset and engineering prowess, our money was on James but after a bit of a wobble to begin with, and Hammond getting cocky, May eventually came out on top – partly due to good luck and partly due to knowing just how Hammond thinks (or as James so eloquently put it, how Hammond doesn’t really think at all). May guessed correctly that Hammond would have put his vehicles around the edges of the grid.. and guess what, he was correct:

“Now, Hammond is a bit thick, so he would of put them on the edges.”

You can see some of the battleship antics in the clip below:

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