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Richard Hammond Builds Insane Art Piece Based On A Mini Cooper In His Workshop

Richard Hammond has recently shown off his new workshop behind his business, The Smallest Cog, and his show, Richard Hammond’s Workshop. And while the work itself is enough to spark our interest, it’s the extra mojo that The Grand Tour presenter has added to the building’s design that takes us into feature-writing territory.

In a fitting tribute to his love for classic automobiles, he’s taken a quintessentially British car and added its well-known design to what would be a pretty drab area of the workshop. A Mini Cooper, which obviously has been decommissioned, is now acting as rails that are designed to look like a Tamiya car kit, and it was all built by our very own Richard Hammond.

He told fans the idea behind it in a recent video on DriveTribe:

“There’s one part of the workshop I particularly wanted to show off today, and it is I feel the most important the most significant and the cleverest.

“I feel that largely because I made it.”

His balconies are enveloped with beautiful rails formed from recognizable parts of the classic British car. The front bumper sits proudly next to a bonnet, all painted in a light blue-tinted grey. The ex-Top Gear presenter tells us that he arranged all the pieces himself, got them shot blasted by a company on the same industrial estate, and welded it all together with a number of small metal cones before finishing it with powder coating.

Now, it looks like pieces that are ready to snap out to build your very own scale model Mini Cooper, and that’s exactly what the presenter wanted:

“You look at these frames, and you recognize what they’re from,” he told the camera. “If you were here late at night having a few beers, I want you to look at it and get itchy fingers thinking ‘Oh I could snap all those bits out and make it into an actual car.'”

It’s safe to say that Hammond is in his element, and I’m really excited to see what comes next.

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