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Richard Hammond Copies Jeremy Clarkson As He Reveals New Show On New Car Restoration Business

Richard Hammond has revealed on DriveTribe that he is copying Jeremy Clarkson and releasing his own show on his latest business venture. Clarkson, who released Clarkson’s Farm only a week or so ago, has received incredibly positive reviews from fans as he covers what it’s like to start a farm and turn it into a successful business.

Now, Richard Hammond will be doing the same thing, only weeks after he revealed that he’s starting a car restoration business called The Smallest Cog. This is a restoration company, owned by The Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond, which will focus on classic cars. 

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Richard Hammond On His New Car Restoration Business

“It’s in my bones,” he told the London Classic Car Show. “My grandfather was a coachbuilder; he worked at Mulliners in Birmingham and thereafter at Jensen in West Bromwich. I’ve always wanted to prove to him that there’s more to me than driving around the world, talking about other people’s supercars, crashing them and then pretending to weld them up in a desert.

“It’s also about a passion of mine to preserve crafts – my grandfather could work with wood, metal and just about anything. I wanted to do something real in the car industry rather than just being a commentator on the outside of it. This business is the perfect opportunity for me to do that.”

He assures us that the name isn’t anything to do with his small stature…

“Jeremy [Clarkson]  and James [May] might suggest otherwise, but it’s to highlight the fact that our attention to detail will be right down to the smallest cog… and the smallest cog is often the most significant whether it’s in a gearbox, engine or differential,” he explained.

What You Need To Know About ‘The Smallest Cog’

Richard Hammond On His New Car Show

Hammond teases his new show, promising that he will be working alongside his skilled partners Neil and Antony on classic cars while the cameras are on. 

He explains that while the exact release date is unknown, it will be coming later this year to Discovery Plus after fans commented on the restoration videos hosted on DriveTribe asking for a show specifically covering this in more depth. Alongside the show, DriveTribe will be following the builds, too.

The name of the show is also unknown. 

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