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Lewis Hamilton Delights in Las Vegas GP’s Thrilling FP2 Session

Lewis Hamilton expressed his enjoyment and excitement after participating in the FP2 session of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, describing the new track as incredibly fast and fun. The session, delayed due to an incident involving Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari, saw Hamilton finishing 9th and teammate George Russell in 12th place.

Key Takeaways:

  • Incident-Induced Delay: The first practice session (FP1) was cancelled after Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari suffered major damage at 318 kph due to a dislodged water valve cover. This incident led to a thorough track inspection, causing a two-and-a-half-hour delay and a late finish for FP2.
  • Hamilton’s Experience: During the delay, Hamilton watched a film before eventually heading out on the track in his W14. He later shared his positive experience with Sky Sports F1, praising the speed and fun of the new circuit and commending the team’s effort in fixing the track issue.
  • Performance and Conditions: Despite finishing 9th in FP2, Hamilton provided insights into the car’s performance under the unique conditions of the Las Vegas GP, highlighting issues like graining and the effects of low downforce and high temperatures on the car.

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, had a memorable experience in the second practice session (FP2) of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. After the first practice (FP1) was cancelled due to a worrying incident involving Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari, which sustained severe damage at high speed, the entire Las Vegas track underwent rigorous scrutiny. This unprecedented event led to a significant delay, pushing the completion of FP2 to 4 am.

Amidst the uncertainty surrounding the session, Hamilton found a way to relax by watching a film, a testament to his calm demeanor under pressure. Once the track was declared safe, the drivers returned for a 90-minute session, where Hamilton truly shined. His enthusiasm was palpable as he described the track as “incredibly fast” and the session as “so much fun,” showcasing his undiminished passion for the sport.

Despite the challenges posed by the new track and the altered schedule, Hamilton managed to finish 9th, a respectable position considering the circumstances. His teammate, George Russell, finished slightly behind in 12th place. When asked about the performance of his car, Hamilton candidly shared his thoughts. He acknowledged the car’s decent performance, noting that most drivers faced similar challenges with tyre graining and handling the low downforce, which was necessary for maintaining high straight-line speeds. Additionally, he pointed out the impact of the high temperatures on the car’s performance, a factor that added another layer of complexity to the already challenging session.

In conclusion, Lewis Hamilton’s experience in the delayed FP2 session of the Las Vegas Grand Prix was a blend of unexpected challenges and exhilarating driving. His ability to stay composed during the disruption, combined with his insightful comments on the car’s performance under unique conditions, demonstrates his enduring skill and enthusiasm for Formula 1 racing.

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