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Richard Hammond Crashes Once Again During Season 3 Hill Climb In China

Once again, Richard Hammond was involved in an accident during a Hill Climb. Thankfully, he wasn’t in a high powered all-electric car, but instead, a small Chinese, three-wheeled shoebox.

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At the end of the sixth episode of The Grand Tour Season 3, the trio aim to race up a tight and winding road. The car that does it in the shortest amount of time and suffering the least amount of damage wins. The road isn’t tarmacked however, so Clarkson pops a tyre. He did however complete what they’ve named the ‘hill climb’ faster than James, who took it very slowly but with no damage.

After Clarkson and May have completed the climb, Hammond begins. He’s however not driving the Cadillac he was driving for the majority of the episode because it broke down earlier in the show. What he’s left with is an unsightly three-wheeler. And as we all know from playing games like Forza and Top Gear’s segment on the Reliant Robin, three-wheelers aren’t overly stable.

The race quickly ends with Hammond flipping his vehicle. They make it out as if his vehicle actually fell off the side of the steep road, but we have a feeling that may have been a bit of camera trickery. The flip however, was not, as it can clearly be seen from the camera inside the car.

We’re sure his wife Mindy wasn’t so please about this after Hammond’s history of accidents, but it does look as if this was written into the script and therefore, a controlled situation. Let’s hope so, anyway.

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