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Richard Hammond Definitely Isn’t Teaching His Daughters To Drive

Richard Hammond is a family man through and through after getting married to Mindy Hammond 17 years ago. He’s since had two children, Willow and Isabelle. In an interview with with the Radio Times, he explained how his New Year resolutions are to spend more time with his family, while also staying on top of his health.

“I’m resolving to try not to fall into unfitness, fatness and slobbery,” he said.

“And also to spend more time with my family while I can because my girls are growing up fast.

“The elder will be going to university next year.”

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The conversation soon turned to his daughters driving and who’s going to teach them how to drive.

“I figured it’s not a good idea with my reputation, is it?” he jokes.

“I handed her to an instructor – she’d better learn from someone who’s good at it. The younger one will be driving next year and she’ll be the same.”

The Grand Tour presenter has obviously had his fair share of incidents, with the first being an almost fatal crash during filming for Top Gear when the jet-powered drag car he was driving swerved off of the track when a tyre went at high speeds. He was in a coma and suffered brain damage which led to a loss of memory and depression.

The Grand Tour also saw him drive a Rimac Concept One off the side of a Swiss Hill Climb course. The car was written off and he suffered a fractured knee. You can see all of his accidents from Top Gear to The Grand tour by clicking here.

A recent interview has also stated that due to his accident prone driving, the insurance premiums for The Grand Tour has rises monumentally, resulting in costs that could have paid for a singular Top Gear episode alone back in the day.

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