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Richard Hammond Explains Nickname ‘Hamster’ Comes From

We all love Richard Hammond, In fact, if you clicked on this webpage he’s more than likely one of your favourite people. He’s certainly a favourite of ours, and we like to think we know quite a lot about him. But where did his nickname ‘Hamster‘ come from? We’ve heard it plenty, but we actually know very little about it.

Well in this video from DriveTribe, Hammond sits down with good friend and UK motoring journalist, Zog Ziegler, and explains not only how Zog is connected to him being where he is now, but also how he is responsible for his iconic nickname.

It all happened when Richard’s wife, Mindy, became pregnant with their first child. Hammond and family traveled to Zog’s home in Cheltenham to tell him, and Zog called the unborn child a ‘little hamster’. It stuck since then, and Zog still sees himself as a ‘Godfather without portfolio’.

Adding to this brilliant video, just after Hammond and Zog finish their story, an alarm sounds from the Morgan factory they’re sitting in. This is to announce that it’s 1:30pm, and work is finishing. In fact, they’re now off to the pub, aptly named, The Morgan Inn.

The Hamster will return to Amazon Prime Video later this month when The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen is released on the 13th.

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