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Richard Hammond: Grand Tour Host Reveals His Best Night Out

Richard Hammond reminisced over his best night out in a recent interview with The Telegraph.

The TV presenter worked on Top Gear from 2002 until 2015 alongside Jeremy Clarkson and James May, after Clarkson’s dramatic exit from the BBC the trio moved to Prime Video to work on The Grand Tour, which they are still doing today.

The three presenters were able to meet a lot of celebrities and travel all over the world as part of both shows. So, it is no surprise that Hammond would have some insane night out stories and during his latest interview, he revealed which is favourite one is.

He said:

“I was a mad, rabid fan of AC/DC as a kid, but then I sort of befriended [lead singer] Brian Johnson through our love of cars. The coolest night was when we got to hang around backstage with the band – listen to me, “hanging out with the band”!

“We were nicking beers from their fridge. I remember thinking: “I’m drinking AC/DC’s beer!” As Brian was going on stage he said, “Alright, lads, see you after the gig!””

Hammond continued, saying:

“His grandson was also there so he ruffled his hair and said: “Grandad’s got to go to work now.” He then just pottered on stage and tore the place down! To see that moment – from having a chat with an absolute idol, to watching him do something very human and real, and then something superhuman – was just amazing.”

Hammond has recently brought out the second series of Richard Hammond’s Workshop on Discovery+ which gives fans a behind-the-scenes look into his workshop, The Smallest Cog. Hammond has also released a new TV show pilot on the DriveTribe YouTube channel, which has two teams working against each other to create new, usable things out of cars.

Grand Tour fans have just been able to enjoy the latest episode of the show which was based in Norway and now we are already looking forward to the release of the next special which they finished filming earlier this year in Europe.

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